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Qualifi - Awarding Body, Qualifications, Accreditation

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As an Awarding Organisation, Qualifi must comply with all the General Conditions of Recognition set by Ofqual, the UK Regulator.

This includes appropriate management of all learners, registrations, assessments, certifications and training partners - colleges, training providers, employers and other places of learning.

These quality measures encompass an institution's systems and processes; the credentials of teaching staff; facilities and premises; and the level and quality of support they provide to their students.

A record of all achievements and approvals must be maintained for auditing purposes.

Qualifi provide all learners and training partners - colleges, training providers, employers and other places of learning with an online facility to track all learners from registration through to certification then beyond.

This facility is delivered through PebblePad ©.

PebblePad © has provided Governments, Universities, Business Schools, leading awarding organisations, sector skills councils, training providers, employers and individuals the ability to work collaboratively to deliver innovative assessment and learning solutions across global sectors.

The new PebblePad © management platform has been extensively used by some of the world's largest businesses to provide a strategic advance in the provision of skills development and qualifications across a number of business sectors.
PebblePad ©is the core platform that offers functionality around compliance, career planning, training needs analysis (TNA) and leads to providing appropriate learning modules to complement skills gaps. The platform can also include functionality and integrations created specifically to meet the needs of any organisation and the systems found therein.

PebblePad © offers the ability to host any competency framework, assess employees against the chosen standard and then analyse any skills gaps. These shortfalls are then addressed by specific learning modules that allow for total fulfilment of an organisation's development needs.

PebblePad ©learning management system (LMS) allows training managers to deploy classroom, mentoring, e-learning and resources to close skill-gaps as well as manage content and analyse results from assessments.

Content is created and allocated against any framework to offer a total solution. The e-learning applications allows for the quick development of effective AICC and SCORM compliant multimedia training.

For more information on how PebblePad © compliments Qualifi's offering please contact us.

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Qualifi - Awarding Body, Qualifications, Accreditation
Qualifi - Awarding Body, Qualifications, Accreditation

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